Roleplaying for Children

Quest! was designed to introduce children to roleplaying. While playing with our group one day, we noticed that we had captured our childrens' attention. While the youngest was fascinated with moving figurines and rolling dice, her sibling was asking some tough questions about the actions of the party - questions dealing with combat and why we were using violence to accomplish our goals.

We decided that in order to introduce kids to roleplaying games, we needed an easy (and non-violent) structure, one that let them learn and explore as well as roleplay with the various creatures they encountered along the way. And thus, Quest! was born.


The primary goal was to teach children how to roleplay, but we decided that we could also bolster useful skills that would have a positive impact on their lives outside gaming. These skills are:

What is included

Quest is designed to be a complete game system, ready to play with just a little bit of assembly (the pages of the game map need to be taped together, and the counters need to be cut out). If you purchase the PDF version, you will need one six-sided die. Included with the game are:


Quest! is not just about fairies - it can be modified by the creative parent to provide a wide variety of adventures. Also, future versions are planned which will include maps and counters for different Quest! characters, such as pirates, space explorers, and undersea adventures. So check back with us if you enjoy this, because we plan to release more!

Price and ordering

Quest is available in a downloadable PDF that you can print directly to your printer. This version is currently $5.00 US via PayPal. This helps us keep costs down and gives you the option to reprint any lost or damaged pages. If you prefer to have a physical copy, we can take orders, and the price will depend on quantity and shipping location.

You may also currently find it listed on We are working to make Quest! available on Amazon. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you by contacting us at quest@abervon.comm

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